Breakfast helper / bartender

Lobby Collective Hostel is a place for rookie poets, unknown artists, digital nomads, late night pizza holders and single moms. A place where travelers from all over the world meet to cook, drink, work, sleep and have fun. All in a family atmosphere and at fair prices. This former executive building of the Bertolli factory is much more than just a hostel to sleep in. The living spaces, flexible coworking workstations, the kitchen where you can dine and socialize, and 60 beds in private and shared rooms, make the Lobby Collective a place where something always happens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once inside, you never have to go home.

Do you want to explore Puglia in a travel-work experience, do you agree to lend your help during your stay, and are you naturally suited for socializing? Then you will be welcome to join our team of volunteers. As a volunteer, you are a key figure of the Lobby Collective Hostel. You make sure all guests receive a good welcome, and do your homework while keeping the focus on the guest experience. Furthermore, together with your team you will be a distinctive element of the hostel.


  • You are available for 25 hours a week for at least 1 month
  • Willing to move to the Lobby Collective Hostel?
  • Can you speak English?
  • A team worker?
  • Hospitable and extremely sociable
  • You don’t mind being present even outside your shift
  • If you have a type B (European) driving license it is a plus

Here’s what your typical day looks like:

Do you want to have breakfast before starting your working day? You can do it. All employees can enjoy free breakfast at the Lobby Collective Hostel with other guests. You will then receive all the instructions from your supervisor. After which your shift begins. Your work guarantees excellent entertainment for guests, and support for the organization. This means for example: establishing a friendly relationship with everyone, providing constant help, organizing recreational activities with guests, both outside and inside the hostel. You’ll also be in charge of breakfast, making sure everything runs smoothly. But also the preparation of aperitifs and evening cocktails. You will have to take care of keeping the kitchen, the fridge clean, and preparing the food and drink orders for the suppliers.At the end of the round, you can choose to leave or stay with your new friends. You will be part of our volunteer team and will relate to the supervisor or manager. Do you need lunch after work? You can prepare your own meal in the kitchen, socializing with others. You can make use of it for free. Plus, as an employee you get a discount on everything (activities and events, rooms, food and drinks) in the hostel.

What else is important to us?

  • Enthusiasm
  • Having a strong physique
  • Agility, to be able to reach our bunk beds
  • Obsessed with order and cleanliness
  • Flexibility in work and schedules (you can be scheduled in different parts of the day 5 days a week)

We believe it is important that our working group is diverse and inclusive. This vacancy is open to any candidate who recognizes this principle.

What can we offer?

We offer you a daily meal (breakfast) and accommodation in the hostel where you can move without paying any cost. We will give you a training training 15 days before the start of the month. As an employee of Lobby Collective Hostel you will have the following benefits: discounts on any activities, social drinks and services of the Lobby Collective Hostel.

Are you the breakfast helper / bartender we’re looking for? Then apply here, online, now.