We welcome everyone, and all kinds of collaborations. Lobby Collective Hostel lives thanks to all the people who have come, who are there, and who are yet to come. Thanks to guests, participants and perhaps also you. Look at our open positions.



There are currently no open positions. Take a look at the job exchange.

Job exchange

Traveling for free is not a dream. Today many people have extraordinary job exchange experiences all over the world, without spending money. It works by lending your time and skills during your stay in exchange for hospitality.

If you don’t know what we are talking about, read this article by nomadidigitali.it.

WorldPackers / Volunteer's ProgramLobby Collective Hostel (Lecce)Party Promoter / Cleaning / Housekeeping / Bartending

To apply just sign up in WorldPackers, look for the positions offered by the Lobby Collective Hostel, then proceed to the request from your WP profile.