Lobby Collective Hostel Lecce
Ostello Lecce Lobby Collective Hostel

Lobby Collective Hostel is a place for digital nomads, new poets, nightly pizza's riders and single moms. A place for everyone.

Lobby Collective generates meetings, and the meetings generate Lobby Collective. This is Lobby Collective Hostel.


Backpackers, dreamers, cohabiting couples, extended families, groups of friends, we have the right room for you.

Ostello Lecce - Cucina


Our kitchen is the place where we experiment recipes from all over the world. Start cooking and friendships and stories will be born...

Lobby Collective Hostel - Pasta Time


The pasta is ready. Sit down and start drinking a nice glass of wine with us. Every night here at the Lobby Collective Hostel

Lobby Collective Hostel - Colazione


Breakfast is the right time to recharge, plan the day and have a chat over a cup of coffee and milk.


A place to drink, work, meet. Work on your notebook, rent a meeting room or eat and drink all the day.

Here we are!

We are in Lecce in the charming district of Castromediano, near the Railway Museum and the Urban Forest. You can reach us by car, by public transport and by taxi.